USS Guide MSO-447

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Here is my only UIM-Uniform Identifiacation Mark & Ships Patch I saved



4225.  UNIT IDENTIFICATION MARKS (UIM's).  E1-E6 personnel assigned for permanent duty (not in transit), including Naval Reserve Reinforcement and Augment Personnel, are required to wear UIM's on the right sleeve of Dress Jumper uniforms and short sleeved white shirts.  Exemptions to required wear may be granted by the prescribing authority (area coordinators) to meet security requirements.  Commands will submit UIM wear exemption requests to their prescribing authority for approval.  UIM's have 1/4 inch white block letters, embroidered on a black background ½ inch wide, and are worn with the top edge parallel to and 3/8 inch below lower row of shoulder sleeve stitching.  Center them on the outer face of the sleeve and sew them on with colorfast blue thread.  UIMs are authorized in two lengths, 5 inch and 5-3/4 inch.  The UIMs are lettered with the approved short title of the command, as contained in the Standard Navy Distribution Lists (SNDL) Parts 1 and 2 (OPNAV P09B2-105).