USS Guide MSO-447

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USS Guide MSO 447 WesPac Cruise 1961 Timeline Mine Division 93


This is the timeline written down in the Memoranda book of Harry A. Westervelt IC3


5-1-61  Left Long Beach California for Pearl Harbor Hawaii

5-10-61 to 5-12-61 in port Pearl Harbor Hawaii

5-16-61 Refueled at Midway Island

5-16-61 to 5-27-61 Underway to Japan

5-27-61 to 6-15-61 in port and operating around Yokosuka Japan

6-17-61 to 6-20-61 in port Kobe Japan

6-22-61 to 6-26-61 in port Sasebo Japan

6-29-61 to 7-1-61 in port Sasebo Japan


7-4-61 Sent one of our ill crewmen to the hospital in Keelung Formosa


7-5-61 to 7-6-61 in port Keelung Formosa

7-8-61 to 7-14-61 in port and operating around British Hong Kong

7-16-61 to 7-18-61 in port Kaohsiung Formosa

7-21-61 to 7-22-61 in port Kaohsiung Formosa

7-26-61 to 8-5-61 in port and operating around Sasebo Japan

8-12-61 to 8-14-61 in port Sasebo Japan

8-19-61 to 8-21-61 Subic Bay Philippines


Preparing for the Philippines Good Will Sweep cruise to outer islands with sister ships USS Lucid MSO 458 and USS Enhance MSO 437


8-22-61 Anchored out in Calapan, Oriental Mindoro, PI

8-23-61 in port 6 hours at Gasan, PI

8-24-61 to 8-26-61 in port Masbate, PI

8-27-61 to 8-29-61 in port Dumaguete, PI

8-30-61 to 9-1-61 in port Oroquieta, PI

9-4-61 to 9-18-61 in port and operating around Subic Bay, PI

9-22-61 to 9-25-61 in port Subic Bay, PI

9-29-61 to 10-6-61 in port and operating around Subic Bay, PI


The USS Guide MSO 447 set sail from Subic Bay, PI heading to Midway Island for refueling and continuing the cruise heading home to the USA


10-13-61 10-19-61 in port and operating around Guam, Marianas Island

11-3-61 to 11-4-61 in port at refueling pier Midway Island


Underway from Midway Island to the USA


11-14-61 Arrived in Long Beach Naval Station pier 9 at 10:30 AM


USS Guide MSO 447 Launched 17 April 1954

Decommissioned on 9 July 1972

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