USS Guide MSO-447

Iron Men Wooden Ships



Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal


01-JUN-1965 30-JUN-1965

NDSM.cut1.gif - 3.91 kB

NDSM.ribbon.jpg - 945.00 b

National Defense Service Medal

RVNCM.cut1.gif - 4.33 kB

RVNCM.good.gif - 2.16 kB

Vietnam Service Ribbon

 RVNGC.good1.gif - 754.00 b

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal with 60's device

AFEM.medal2.gif - 3.85 kB

08-MAY-1970 08-JUN-1970
06-JUL-1970 05-AUG-1970

Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Medal Color, with Palm Unit Award

AFEM.ribbon.jpg - 731.00 b

USS Guide Ribbons



Vietnam Service


USS Guide Service

Defense 26-JUL-1965 02-AUG-1965 
18-SEP-1965 05-OCT-1965
Counter Offensive, Phase II 27-FEB-1967 16-APR-1967 
Counter Offensive, Phase III 05-MAY-1967 20-JUN-1967
28-JUL-1967 11-SEP-1967
Sanctuary Counteroffensive 07-MAY-1970 11-JUN-1970
Counter Offensive, Phase VII 06-JUL-1970 06-AUG-1970
Consolidation I 28-SEP-1971 03-NOV-1971
Consolidation II 28-NOV-1971 10-DEC-1971

A small "Bronze Service Star" is placed on the Vietnam Service Medal and Ribbon for each official "Named Campaign" during the Vietnam War.  A small "Silver Service Star" denotes (5) Named Campaigns. 

The USS Guide was involved in (8) Campaigns so she earned (1) Silver Service Star and (3) Bronze Service Stars.